• The cheat code "leben" is the German word for life
  • The Kings Taskan I until IV' names have their origin from producer Alain Tascan
  • The only characters you will meet in all eras are Gogoud and Zatila
  • During the era of Taskan II it is the only time you cannot get access to the fortress. That is why you will not meet King Taskan II face to face
  • The only time Hype speaks is both at the beginning and at the end of game
  • While Hype has black hair on game covers, he actually has blond hair in the game
  • In Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed a magician is synchronised by the same German actor who dubbed Gogoud in Hype - The Time Quest

Character names

  • Mordor: A brigand called like the area Mordor from Lord of the Rings

Nintendo 64 and Sega DreamCast

The game should be released for the gaming consoles Nintendo 64 and Sega DreamCast. Although, screenshots and a promotion video of the N64 version show a working game, it has never been released due to the consoles' end of lifespan. It is interesting that Hype has no golden and serrated sword in the N64 version. A multiplayer mode for up to four players was also planned.

Screenshots and promotion video by NESWORLD. More about this topic at NESWORLD.COM

Room of the Champion

Before converted to a room for champion Hype, it provided a secret hiding place. It is located in the fortress in the era of Taskan IV and accessible through a chimney whose fire can only be extinguished by the magic ice spell Magia Glacia: Javelin. There are various references to the game publisher Ubisoft and the game itself:

Wall hanging of Hype staying at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy that is not really lean on that date. Besides, the moon behind the clowds has apparently a face.

Following screenshots show Raymon on Hype's bed and a speaker with the logo of the racing game Speed Busters by Ubisoft on it.

The room also holds the magic spell Electricus Magicum: Dragon. Above all, there is a secret inscription "Tania" that can only be seen by using first the table in order to jump onto the book shelf and in a final step the beams.

The girl on barrels

Behind a fence next to the entrance of the laboratory by the era of Taskan II there you can notice a girl standing on some barrels. If you shoot a crossbow bolt at the barrels, their explosion will throw her into the sky. Come back to the same place by the era of Taskan IV and defeat the guard in order to see the grown girl falling from sky. When she has arrived at the ground, she runs away.

Official Hype website

Flash based Hype website as of 27th April 1999. Last sign of life was captured on 17th December 2004.

Enter page of official Hype - The Time Quest website

Enter page showing the only three video games developed by Playmobil Interactive.

Hype - The Time Quest official website

Thanks to the internet archive this screenshot of the main website could be reconstructed.

The main site provided the demo of Hype - The Time Quest as you can rather see the cropped download button in the lower left corner.

Excerpt of official walkthrough guide

Tap the edges of the magazine to scroll through pages.
Tap or click on the edges
Hype Tips - Home
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