Terms of Use

1. Good behaviour and media uploads

Please do not upload any pictures or other media that could be racist, pornographic, insulting or those that are not appropriate for children. Pictures showing PLAYMOBIL® figures must show the complete figure instead of just showing its head. This also applies to comments written in a conversation and to private messages.

2. Costs

The available services are free of charge and will be also in the future. We do not sell any of your data nor do we place advertisement onto our website.

3. Disclaimer of warranty

Although, we test our offered services and instructions before publishing them onto Hype Tips, we do not take any responsibility for damage on your computer or other device caused by our services.

4. Copyright

Illustrations and images, texts and other content stand under the copyright from Hype Tips. Do not republish any of it on other websites without asking Hype Tips for permission. Though, you can download content for private use only.

5. Data privacy

Information filled in the registration form will not be put out to third parties but topics like address, age, and username are shown in the public profile if they were typed in at the registration site. Though, these information are only available for registered users except for written public comments that show your user name. Your profile data can be edited or deleted anytime. Therefore, you need to open your public profile by clicking onto your username shown on the top left corner of every page and by clicking the button "Edit profile". Moreover, your information will be fully deleted with the deletion of the account.

We are using Google Analytics to analyze the usage of this website. Therefore, we gain information about guests visiting it but we cannot identify them. You can block this tool by installing an add-on like Ghostery or uBlock for your browser.

In addition, we use cookies to check whether you are logged in on the site or not. If they are deactivated in your browser, you will not be able to log in to the site anymore until you acivate them. These session cookies will be deleted after your visit. Other cookies could be stored in your browser until you delete them manually. Besides, Google Analytics and the spam protection tool reCaptcha are using cookies as well. We use this spam protection to prevent bots from registering on this website and from submitting the contact form. If you do not want that this website saves cookies onto your computer, you can disable cookies in your browser. Thus, some services of this website will stop working including the user login. You can get further information on cookies and data privacy in our data privacy policy.

6. Deletion of account

When infringing upon these conditions, we reserve the right to delete your account on Hype Tips. If you do not longer want to have an account on Hype Tips you can send an informal email with the please of account deletion to kontakt.jpg.