This is the original demo of the game Hype - The Time Quest. You need to download and install nGlide in order to play the demo. For detailed information on how to install the demo correctly visit the support page.

Save Games

Choose your save game file. Note that these files are only for the German version of the game. Save games for other languages will follow. You will need to replace your "savegame" folder. If you therefore do not know how to do this visit the support section please.

German save game files

Era of Taskan I-II

Era of Taskan II-III

1. Skip Tutorial
1. Brigand's village
2. 1st Boss Granslak
2. Park of the braves
3. Granslak defeated
3. 4th Boss Coffers Dragon
4. 2nd Boss Mhasse
4. Coffes Dragon defeated
5. Mhasse defeated
5. Taskan II: Charging Jewel
6. Charging Royal Jewel
6. Charging Jewel of Mankind
7. Jewel charged
7. Taskan III: At Gogoud's Manor
8. Taskan II
8. Taskan III: Brigand's village
9. 3rd Boss Rajoth
9. Taskan III: Torras
10. Rajoth defeated
10. Taskan III: Fortress
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Era of Taskan III

Era of Taskan III-IV

1. 5th Boss Senekal
1. Black Tower
2. Senekal defeated
2. Almanac of Enostus
3. Celtic Monument
3. Almanac achieved
4. Lost City
4. Taskan IV: Brigands' village
5. Charging Jewel of Goodness
5. Taskan IV: Torras under Barnak's reign
6. Searching for Almanacs
6. Taskan IV: Fortress under Barnak's reign
7. Almanac of Monastery
7. Taskan IV: Dungeon under Barnak's reign
8. Almanac of Alchemists
8. Hype's Secret Room
9. Almanac achieved
9. Lost City
10. Black Tower
10. Search for Flags
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Era of Taskan IV

1. Flag of Taskan III achieved
2. Charging Jewel of Gods
3. Flag of Taskan IV achieved
4. Flag of Taskan I achieved
5. Searching for Flag of Taskan II
6. Flag of Taskan II achieved
7. Flight to Black Tower
8. Black Tower: Boss Enost
9. Enost defeated
10. Fight Barnak


Barnak defeated - Wallpaper

Barnak defeated

Right click, save as:

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Download 16:10 1920x1200px

Hype Minecraft Map

Map of Hype universe for Minecraft

by darkman3529

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