Hype's not dead

Against someone's apprehension, on Hype Tips are still many changes going on. Due to the "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR), I finally decided to prepare Hype Tips for multilingualism. Although, there is not much to no content about Hype translated into German, this was a big step to make. Pages like "terms of use" and "data privacy", that held both German and English versions, are now properly separated. Concerning that along with other changes made respecting the GDPR website guests of Hype Tips can see which technologies this website uses much clearer. Another benefit from it is a way more tidied registration form. The registration page as well as the contact form are using the reCaptcha tool many people should be familiar with in order to prevent bots from registering and submitting the contact form on this website. While my wish is a complete German translation of the Hype The Time Quest content I could think of a French translation too as mentioned in my first blog entry at launch of Hype Tips.

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05/21/18 03:58:pm
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